Solar Power Garden Lighting

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Solar Power Garden Lighting

Post by MrBife » Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:41 pm

Like most I expect, I have bought and tried the low cost solar lights with a spike that goes in the ground and a simple lamp and solar cell for charging. They are low cost but they don't survive long and don't give out much light. Is there such a thing as a 12v solar system with one or two larger solar panels that I can put on the roof of the garage, charge a small battery pack inside the garage and use it to run a 12v supply to LED garden lights on my patio and to feature spot lamps on some trees and garden features ?
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Re: Solar Power Garden Lighting

Post by Lazza » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:39 am

Hi there.

There are two real options for this:

Replace the exsiting solar lighting with 12V LED lights and a 12V solar system including:

- A 12V battery of 120Ah
- Charge controller
- 2 x 150Wp 12V solar panels.

These are very simple systems that can cost between 600 and 800€

The alternative, is to have emergency circuits as well as the lighting and put in a bigger system which will be able to supply a single phase pool pump as well as other loads. The inverter gives 230V 50Hz, so it is fine for any single phase circuits, including the pool pump, garden lights and any auxiliary/emergency circuits that would benefit from black-out protection. These systems include:

- 6 solar panels (200W to 250Wp size will depend on pump size)
- 2 x12 V 250Ah batteries
- 3kVA fully automatic hybrid inverter giving priority to solar power (then batteries, then grid if so programmed)

This solution would come to around 3250 and 3500€ installed.

We know of a great company that can supply all PV solutions: They'll be happy to help if you have questions

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Solar Power Garden Lighting

Post by BarryThync » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:49 pm

These soalr cells ar in prototype stages but this seems like a potential way of overcoming some of the limitations in using solar power for vehicles and storable energy:
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